This doofus felt that they would prevent someone from parking next to them by parking juuuuuust over the line. But I was not going to let that stop me on this day. Not today, parking doofus…not ever in my 98 Accord.

This is almost a 2 for 1. The DeKalb CSI van looks it only got lucky as far as being in between the lines.

well aren’t we special?!?!….. yes!, a special kind of Doofus!

Doofus Hummer caught in the act…

Doofism running rampant …..

hmmm…. i have the whole lot to myself…. i think I’ll take these TWO spots….. DOOFUS!!!

Bar-B-Que Doofus!!

Camaro Doofus…

This is our first Domestic Parking Doofus submission…. we have a wife (KLC)…. throwing her husband under bus…. (or truck in this instance)…. wouldn’t be surprised (or blame him) if she was walking home from dinner tonight ….

Aaaaaand the car next to it.  *pulls out hair*

More winners backing in and straddling parking spots.

If you don’t know how to back into a spot, just don’t do it. Although, it’s hard to say who started this display of parking doofery, since you’re really getting a 2 for 1. 

  1. Camera: BlackBerry 9930

yeah…. ok….  Doofus!

Commercial Grade Doofus!!!

Not quite sure why King Doofus needed to hop the curb here.